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We just had to tweak our business model, and we are only doing one weekly menu; one item per lunch or dinner, no hold, no substitution,.

Our food is stilll delicious, homemade and the care put into every dish has not changed

Pick up times are only as followed:

Lunch: between 11pm to 2pm

Dinner: between 4:30pm and 5:30pm

Cash and debit are accepted at the door

Etransfer can also be an option 

If you would like to place an order,  Please call the restaurant at 519-216-4388 to inquire about our daily specials

About Us

During his 20+ years of experience in the culinary world, Chef Fred worked for celebrity chef, Michelin Stars restaurant and over ten years of corporate leadership and even achieved leader of the year as a Ritz Carlton; Chef Frederic Chartier is tired of working for the man.

After a successful pilot project, of Freddy's crepes stand at the Orangeville farmers market, He is pouring everything he has, emotionally, physically and financially into his dream by expanding the crepe stand into a free standing restaurant to call his own. 

Shelburne, ON, is currently the second fastest growing community in Canada and the perfect location to begin something new.

"Beyond the Gate" is literally on the edge of Shelburne, the last storefront, Just beyond the gate.

Beyond the gate is an eclectic French restaurant open for lunch and dinner, serving assorted crepes and other French delicacies using fresh local ingredients made with love and passion. ‚Äč


Australian Beef Striploin Wagyu AA9

Per reservation, with 24hrs notice, enjoy the most delicious steak here in Shelburne, Save the drive to Toronto or the flight to Japan !!

$120+ hst per plate, includes veg, starch and Sauce

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